Read about a Mother's unconditional love and heartbreak ...

In the mood to step into the fiction world of a love triangle   Read Something Desirable... Adrienne Baxter finds herself torn between two men and her life becomes complicated

Interested in a murder Mystery and undeniable chemistry between two adults ... meet Sylvia Masters an attractive older woman drawn to the young but hot Lieutenant Reynolds.

  A Gift Called Mother: The Stages and Fantasies of Motherhood


Book Description                                                   

Sherlyn Powell shares a brief chapter out of her life. Some of her most joyful but sometimes poignant moments are revealed. She opens up about her tearful journey and the test of faith that is synonymous with being a mother.

Through her experiences, she shares that lack of communication can tear a family apart and reminds us that from infancy to a teenager the commitment to be a loving family doesn't end there. While no family is perfect faith in God should remain in the forefront of our lives.

She sprinkles quotes from the Bible and ties them into life as she takes a look at the stages and fantasies of being granted a gift called mother.

She asks the question, "Who else on this earth has your back when you need them but family?"
Published by: Virtual Bookworm Publishing

    Captured Hearts

Romance Mystery
Romance Mystery
Book Description  

Sylvia Masters is a hot fifty-two-year-old widow and CEO of The Masters Investment Group. After her husband passed her the company started by her late husband made to the Fortune 500.

Lieutenant Julian Reynolds is on the scene to inform her that her former fiancé Addison Lockwood has been murdered. When Lieutenant Reynolds goes to the Masters' home to question Sylvia he is blown away by her beauty.

Sylvia's looks and strong personality inspire Lieutenant Reynolds to solve the case and pursue the woman of his dreams. When Sylvia offers the Lieutenant a cup of coffee their hands touch and their eyes lock. After a tumultuous beginning, he summons the courage to ask Sylvia to dinner.

Problem: Julian is ten years younger and Sylvia isn't interested in being labeled a Cougar!
Refusing the Lieutenants invitation, Sylvia is flattered that this much younger man finds her attractive. What would her family say?

Can Sylvia have a future with Julian?

Published by Books My Way Publishing, LLC.

Something Desirable

 Book Description

Adrienne Baxter is a brilliant young architect on the fast track to the top of her field. When Adrienne reunites with Brian Stevens, a college sweetheart, she's ready to begin a new chapter in her life. Brian is steady, dependable, and successful and seems to be everything Adrienne wants and needs.

She convinces herself that she and Brian are meant to be together. Then Dexter Hughes walks into her life. Dexter was not supposed to happen!

As a strong, independent, and beautiful African American woman, Adrienne becomes uncharacteristically weak and unsure of herself. She can't help but find herself enjoying the attention of both men. Slowly working through her conflicting feelings, Adrienne embarks on a journey of ups and downs, of enchantments and disappointments as she experiences love, excitement, and heartbreak. Her life changes forever as she faces both personal and professional challenges. Adrienne knows she must make a tough decision to move forward with her life.

Like Adrienne, you'll be drawn to the endearing qualities of both Brian and Dexter as she is faced with a whole new set of feelings where she must resolve the dichotomies tugging at her heart and soul.

Published by iUniverse



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