You Can’t Take a Strong Woman Down

You Can’t Take A Strong Woman Down

Yes black women wear wigs, so do white women. No apologies for wanting to wear a different look. O’Reilly offering an apology about what he said about Congresswoman Maxine Waters hair means nothing. He didn’t hear anything Congresswoman Maxine Waters said because he was looking at the “James Brown wig.” Really Bill O’Reilly? You made that asinine comment because you wanted to get laughs. In part of his apology, he said …  “I also made a jest about her hair which is dumb. I apologize.” Too late. He said what was on his mind. I believe everyone who saw that clip knows he meant what he said.

Maxine Waters attended California State University in Los Angeles, where she earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree.¹ After she learned of the insult by O’Reilly, Maxine Waters said, “I cannot be intimidated, and I’m not going anywhere.”² I love it. Who can’t respect that?

Since when did a woman’s hairstyle interfere with the words coming out of her mouth or the work she performs. We work hard, dress and carry ourselves in a professional manner. We deserve and demand respect. We wear short hair, shaved head, our hair in braids, dreads, afro or hair down to our buttocks. What does that have to do with our ability?

I own several wigs, different styles, different shades and I am a proud strong classy woman. I raised two strong and intelligent young adults. My grandsons are also wise beyond their years. I encourage my grandsons as I did my daughter and son. Do what is right. Learn from your mistakes. Don’t let your dreams slip by because you don’t believe in yourself. Anything is possible.

There’s more racial violence since the election. More fights, demeaning words spoken, true colors are being exposed from people you wouldn’t expect. Last year my daughter experienced the worst thing that ever happened to her in her young life. One early Wednesday morning she sat at her desk and learned someone had been on her computer. On the screen, she was exposed to this degrading photo of three white beer cans with paper imitating the appearance of three KKK members in hoods and a brown beer bottle hanging. It was obvious what the image implied.

Prejudice is Unacceptable

My daughter, (who does not wear a wig) became distraught ran out of the office and called me. I couldn’t understand what she was trying to say she was crying so hard. She was blindsided, devastated and hysterical. She couldn’t speak, all I could hear was her crying as I tried to tell her to take deep breaths, I told her to slow down and breathe. It was hard hearing the pain in her voice as she tried to tell me about the image she had just seen as I tried to calm her down.

Her boss (the owner) came out to her car and yelled at her for walking out. He showed no compassion for her feelings. He told her prejudice is everywhere and he told her there’s prejudice on Facebook, he spelled out her options by simply saying she could go and don’t come back or he told her she could get over it and go back inside.

Hurt by the owner’s insensitive action and the tone he used toward her, yelling, reprimanding her for having feelings and running out, she pulled herself together and went back inside and continued to work until the end of the day. On Thursday and Friday, though stressed, she was determined to return to work only to be met with several employees avoiding eye contact and not talking to her. She was treated like she did something wrong because she reacted with tears and she couldn’t pretend the image on her computer was just an ordinary picture. She did hear someone say one of the employees brought his gun inside. That was intimidating and in my opinion, he was looking for a reason to use it? Was he looking for an excuse to shoot her?

The following Monday morning her boss called while she was getting ready for work and left a message for her to call him back. She returned his phone call and he told her “yeah,… we been thinking and it’s not going to work.”  Stunned, she asked, “are you firing me?” He said, “yes, I’m firing you.” Imagine that. My daughter got fired from her job at Accent Millwork & Supply, Inc. in Fredericksburg, Virginia for …  I don’t know, being human and having feelings, or being black and sensitive to a tacky suggestive racial photo imitating the KKK and hanging a black person.

My daughter took immediate action and reported Accent Millwork to the EEOC. The EEOC investigated the termination and the person the EEOC communicated with tried to paint a different picture as to why she was fired.  They had no documentation or proof and the company lost the dispute. Now the owner of Accent Millwork and all his people who found humor in the demeaning image on my daughter’s computer screen have learned they don’t get the last laugh.

You can’t take a strong woman down.

¹Maxine Waters official website, ²Associated Press

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