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Captured Hearts

Romance Mystery
"This riveting, fast paced and outstanding romance/mystery keeps the reader's interest from page one until you read the last page and hope that she will bring Julian and the rest of the characters back for a sequel. This novel is far superior to any that I have reviewed in the past as the author creates a relationship between two people that is beautifully crafted, tastefully written and provides the perfect balance between mystery and romance." Fran Lewis: Reviewer
Sherlyn Powell is the author of two romance novels and one non-fiction inspirational book, her memoir. Her next novel is almost ready for the editor's pen.



A Gift Called Mother: The Stages and Fantasies of Motherhood

 An emotional story... Extending emotional scenes, even if they're difficult to write, engaged the reader and connects us to the author more. Scripture choices were wonderful, including some unique ones that were a pleasure to learn. Author's faith stands out in this story as an inspiration. Author does more than explore motherhood; she creates powerful emotions about family hood aspirational and inspirational.                              
Writer's Digest Contest Judge  Number:39                                                                                                                     
"... Sherlyn Powell took simple life experiences and made us connect to them, showing us how special each of these personal experiences really are. This book is full of unrestrained emotion, and by the end you will have truly understood the meaning of the eight words on the firs page:"
"It's a blessing to be called Mother."
This book is highly recommended by Boyu Huang, Allbooks Reviewer



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Mother's Love
THERE IS NO MATCH and there is no substitute for a mother's love. Your child knew how blessed he or she was to have you from the at he or she was born. Just think back to how your child looked at you when you held him or her in your arms. He stares into your eyes with a sweet look of innocence. She I snuggled in your arms. He is in your care. She trusts you not to let any harm come to her.
Your child may put you to the test several times before he is grown ad sometimes even after, but looking back there is a possibility you did the same thing to your mother. I think we have to let them be who they were meant to be. We have no real control over how they ultimately choose to live their lives. All we can do is guide them and pray with faith they will go in the right path.

"Writing to Creatively Touch the Soul"